Shapes of my tandem bike

What do you think about step through frame bicycles? Do you like the convenience of getting on and off it? Do you like their usually curvy lines? Do you think that the step through bikes are a poor compromise between convenience and performance?

For many many months now I have this idee fixe – what if I could have a step through, touring ready yet elegant tandem bicycle? What if this bicycle can accommodate up to 3″ tires if needed and still feel and steer nimbly? What if this bike could be split in a half  for a transportation convenience? And many more what ifs…

Kudos to Evelina and Bike Friday and to so many more influences what I finally am getting closer to realizing another of my bicycle dreams.

An acquaintance from my earlier days, without me realizing then, encouraged everybody to dream big and to dream constantly. Same as being introduced to the Bike Friday – you can have uncompromising performance in a small package. Like one of their employees email signature says – Bigger is not better… Better is Better.

So after many many months of exploring never ending dream bicycle designs and the possible limitations of trying to make it into a reality I think I am very close now. It is quite soon that I will be able to ride a step through, touring ready yet elegant tandem bicycle. But before diving into the details of how and who is helping me int this quest for a perfect tandem bike lets take a look what is already out there. I hope these links will work!

Image from page 159 of "Wheels and wheeling; an indispensable handbook for cyclists, with over two hundred illustrations" (1892)

Tandem van Azor

Bicycle built for two

Nijmegen 626 Vittorio tandem

339 spezialradmesse

fiets 364 Koga Miyata tandem

Nederland beweegt

Tandem-boys on a bike


918 Spezi

Antique Tandem Bicycle

Vintage tandem bicycle at the Goodwood Revival 2013, West Sussex, UK




Klassieke tandem (classic tandem bicycle, tandem ancien), Utrecht, Veemarkthallen

Gorgeous vintage ladyfront tandem!



Black Sheep Tandem

2111 Klassieke Nederlandse Tandem


Old Tandem

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