Inspiring. Dreaming. Fatbiking in Alaska.

Just stumbled into this visual evidence of misery and glory all together! Oh and please read more details about historical side of this type of bike adventure here. Chapeau!

Giving your Dynamo hub the new color. Shutter Precision SV – 9

You have probably noticed that in regards to bike component color choice 8 time out of 10 this will be Black or Silver. Here is my little example how it is relatively easy to give almost any color to your favorite bicycle component. I mind you –  this is possible only to the components that … Continue reading

Shapes of a my tandem bike

What do you think about step through frame bicycles? Do you like the convenience of getting on and off it? Do you like their usually curvy lines? Do you think that the step through bikes are a poor compromise between convenience and performance? For many many months now I have this idee fixe – what … Continue reading

Mike Burrows relaunches his wonderful book Bicycle Design

His fantastic book Bicycle Design was reissued and here is a little video from it’s launching party.

Jobst Brandt leaves behind memories to last a lifetime

Originally posted on Silicon Valley Cyclist:
Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster. Behold the wise Jobst Rider, Whose unfettered mind Sees God in dirt And hears him in the spokes. (Adapted from a quote by Alexander Pope) Jobst Brandt, a cyclist who in so many ways influenced the bicycle industry…