The Travelers

Today we sat down with Alex from Germany. We have talked about the other Alex, also about Hanz, Kelvin then Henry and a couple of other people. Paul and Julie Moments earlier we had a pleasure to spend some time together with Paul and Julie. It was inspiring and stimulating. Yesterday, while sitting quietly in our safari 4×4 I was listening to Lio’s travel intinerary. He is from Japan and currently is traveling Africa as a part of his world tour.LioOr Bev – we had a pleasure to share one beautiful afternoon in Nairobi couple of weeks ago. Also Margie’s daughter is naturally curious and adventurous young lady from our Kenyan family. It was a joy to watch her sparkling eyes when she was sharing her travel stories.Alex and us. All these people are unique in many fascinating ways – sex, age, skin color, continents they come from, life experiences and philosophies. Some are tall, others have wider smiles. Yet others prefer hiking instead of pedaling the bike or driving an overlander. One would like to settle in Spain, another would give everything for the opportunity to revisit Petra in Jordan, the third is counting the days until he will settle in Himalayan Base Camp. Many many different takes on traveling the life and this planet. Although each of them is unique but they all are TRAVELLERS. Adventurous, thoughtful, kind, caring, life hardened travellers.Hussein and his friendThese people must be brave. One would think that to travel around the world for many many years takes some courage. Or lets say Henry Worsley must have been beyond brave in order to try to cross Antarctica solo and unaided, especially if you know that everyone who tried before you have failed or simply lost their life. Even if you world journey starts in smaller increments, it still means you must have some determination. Knowing that 99% of your immediate environment does not understand why you are doing what you are doing. Why on earth you would save and then “waste” all the money on some silly and amateur activity like traveling? Instead of buying a land like your brothers and sisters you just blowing it all by visiting Scotland or neighboring Rwanda.Davide is cycling around the world Their stories are accompanied by shining faces and exciting giggles as they relive THE JOURNEY. You can see they are not ready to settle – there is another interesting country they have not been to or a few more summits are left to conquer. What about Alaska and Caribbean – we still have not been there? These people have successfully cracked the code on how to keep traveling.. Or are they just simply courageous?Elvis is one of very few Africans we met in person who did some long distance bike touring. Elvis told us about remote roads towards Dodoma. “To see the real Africa”. Two days later, we have tried to cycle off from the hotel we were staying in Arusha. Off to the Mahale – one of unique parks in the whole Africa, where you can track down Chimpanzees. Unfortunately our rear tubeless tire conversion was not very successful and we have discovered it airless in the morning. We managed to fix it at the end but had to spend one more day in Arusha. One more day allowed us to meet another TRAVELELR. Kelvin is from Newcastle in UK. I think he is 52 now but continually on the road since the age of 19. He has his hobbies and passions and as he recalls he cannot go clubbing untill 5am anymore. He likes learning languages and studying everything about 3D technology. He has spent a good week walking around Arusha and neighboring villages but now is ready to move further. To Kenya, then to Ethiopia. Sometime after that he will revisit India – most unique country he ever visited. Last time he has been there some 20 years ago. Kelvin is wandering how has it changed after all this time? – “India does not change for the tourists, like here in Tanzania”, Kevin declares moments later.Mr. Yio – traveling Tanzania Speaking about traveling – we should be able to leave tomorrow. It was great to venture into some back alleys looking for some tire sealant and air compressor. It all worked out and looks like we have an air holding tire now. Next destination is some 1000 km away and then we have to figure out another 200 km – there are no proper roads and the main ferry to reach Mahale is out of service. More biking or possibly using some small boats, called water taxis? Smells like an adventure!

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