• Wheel building class at The Recyclery

    At the end of February you will have a great opportunity to learn wheel building skills! Expert mechanic Ezra Hozinsky of Green Machine Cycles will be teaching a three-session class at The Recyclery. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

  • Surly Pugsley rear wheel build pics

    I shall make this blog inspiring by posting pictures about the rear wheel built for my Puglsley. I shall share the component specifications for that build: Surley Rabbit Hole 32H silver rim. Shimano Alfine 8spd internal gear hub. Older version – SG-S500. Wheelsmith DB-14 silver spokes. Drive side: 283mm; Non drive side: 280mm; Due to the offset rear dropouts wheel needs to be dished by ~17.5mm in order to have rear chain cog away from rubbing the tire simultaneously having both wheels in the same line. Surly supplies an adapter so you can use it for your offset wheel builds.  I shall wish you a great winter commuting in a…

  • Fat distractions

    While always being attracted to the weirdest bicycles I would never think that this would get me into the mountain bicycling. Although I have my Surly Pugsley framset hanging somewhere in the stable I feel that all this happened too suddenly. Building it takes some time and that is good. This should give me needed time to transition smoothly to this funky underworld of the biking universe. Get into mountain biking sustainably. Do it slowly. Do not ride a mountain bike. If you can. Parts are coming from all over the world. While waiting for it to get on my workbench I have plenty of time to dream about riding…

  • My wheel building guru

    That’s right – everybody has some guru. I finally found mine. He is into wheels. He wants to get into nitty gritty of all what is wheels and how to make them even better. Unfortunately I did forget his name. I even did not get too much time for us to spent together. All I have is his pictures and I want to share it with you!

  • Still getting inspired

    Away from making cycling even more accessible here in Chicago or building various bicycle wheels I do venture into amazing world of traveling.. on the bicycle. Travelling a lot and far. Further than your usual commute takes you. Somewhere where you have not been, where only your dreams can take you. Or your trusted PC. Best of course when these travels involves your two wheeled silent machine aka bicycle. Tandem maybe? Sure, like this couple from Australia who currently wandering somewhere in Asia. Meet Alleykat on their Cyclingabout.com  Their website is just one of the sources where you can find a wealth of informations about (tandem) cycling and long distance…

  • All hand built bicycle wheels. Made in Chicago.

    If you looking for a quality wheel build with an exceptional attention to detail. If you care about being listened to and want to work on one-on-one basis. If you feel that your very local bike mechanic have missed something and you are willing to try a different approach. If you understand that if your wheels ain’t round and true, you aren’t going to get far. If you want to keep it simple but engaging too. Well, you can email me and I will get back to you within a short notice. Oh and when it comes to wheel building I am curious like this fella:

  • when cycling is normal

    Cycling is normal. Kind of. That is my reason why I am riding my bicycle. Because it is so normal just to put your hat on, grab the bike, and bring it out all the way down from the third floor. It is hot and humid outside. Early summer morning. Real joy to pedal on such a sunny day! Nature is all around you; it is so alive although I am in the middle of this sleeping city – its 6 am. Those who are not in their sleepy mode can hear how this giant city is waking up. Birds are singing, chattering with one another. People and their cars…