Building E-bike wheel

Took on this project out of curiosity. Originally the electric hub/motor came with a 700C wheel. After some usage wheel went out of true and got damaged.  This is when wheel owner needed to  build it a new. This time lacing it on 26″ rim (Sun Rhyno Lyte) also using new Sapim Strong spokes (2.3 … Continue reading

Fat Bike riding in Chicago

I want to address all fat bike savvy folks in Chicago. I have a fat bike and love riding it. I do even commute daily on it. Now you have a fat bike and you love riding it. Lets connect and go for a ride together. I mean lets go and explore some MTB trails … Continue reading

It is all about Fat Bikes now. For now.

Just found this. Enjoy.

Wheel building class at The Recyclery

At the end of February you will have a great opportunity to learn wheel building skills! Expert mechanic Ezra Hozinsky of Green Machine Cycles will be teaching a three-session class at The Recyclery. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE!

Surly Pugsley rear wheel build pics

I shall make this blog inspiring by posting pictures about the rear wheel built for my Puglsley. I shall share the component specifications for that build: Surley Rabbit Hole 32H silver rim. Shimano Alfine 8spd internal gear hub. Older version – SG-S500. Wheelsmith DB-14 silver spokes. Drive side: 283mm; Non drive side: 280mm; Due to … Continue reading