Giving your Dynamo hub the new color. Shutter Precision SV – 9

You have probably noticed that in regards to bike component color choice 8 time out of 10 this will be Black or Silver.
Here is my little example how it is relatively easy to give almost any color to your favorite bicycle component.
I mind you –  this is possible only to the components that are not exposed to the direct physical wear and tear. Like hubs. Or..  Dynamo Hubs in this particular case.
I was looking for a WHITE Dynamo hub.
Certain models have limited variety of color choices. Non of them comes in white though.
Here is how I have turned silver Shutter Precision SV-9 silver dynamo into a white one!

UPDATE 3/15/2016:

After few months of riding it, hub developed a slight “bearing” play. Most of dynamo hubs are not self serviceable (as SV-9) so it is hard to tell what went wrong. No cones to adjust! I have reached out to Shutter Precision for a help. Must say  these guys are very on top and very helpful! I just had to ship broken hub to them (inconvenience!) and they shipped the new hub back to me. Everything took probably 4 days (!!) after they received the hub and I had it back in my hands! Wow. Probably the fastest turn around ever and the company is based in Taiwan.

UPDATE 7/31/2016:

Hub is serving well and no play or any other issue so far. It is being ridden at least 60 miles/week and quite often more.

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