Kokopelli Trail: rigid tandem and soft so(u)les. November 2017

Igna and I finally bought ourselves train tickets. Train will take us to Grand Junction, Colorado. From Grand Junction we are going to bike to MOAB, Utah – arguably mecca of the mountain biking. From Grand Junction we going to take Kokopelli Trail all the way to MOAB. I will be doing a series of … Continue reading

Shapes of a my tandem bike

What do you think about step through frame bicycles? Do you like the convenience of getting on and off it? Do you like their usually curvy lines? Do you think that the step through bikes are a poor compromise between convenience and performance? For many many months now I have this idee fixe – what … Continue reading

My wheel building guru

That’s right – everybody has some guru. I finally found mine. He is into wheels. He wants to get into nitty gritty of all what is wheels and how to make them even better. Unfortunately I did forget his name. I even did not get too much time for us to spent together. All I … Continue reading

Still getting inspired

Away from making cycling even more accessible here in Chicago or building various bicycle wheels I do venture into amazing world of traveling.. on the bicycle. Travelling a lot and far. Further than your usual commute takes you. Somewhere where you have not been, where only your dreams can take you. Or your trusted PC. … Continue reading

Another tandem design. Ritchey Breakaway Tandem