Bicycle dreams during Bicycle Film Festival

I just went through tens of thousands dreams. Almost all of them were colorful. I don’t even remember when was the last time I dreamt B&W dream. Those are beautiful too.

I wont share all of them here, but will try to picture some of most fascinating I saw recently.

Im talking here about Bicycle Film Festival which took place in Chicago.

Usually I don’t have free evenings during weekends, but this event made me rearrange everything and here I am – enjoying these little gems of visual stories embracing cycling and cyclists.

All event was like a dream to me – it was a meta-reality, and man, I was enjoying it so much!

True, it cannot be all that magic – some of those shorts were not so interesting. Some programs were not so entertaining. But for some even that was fine and splendid. Everybody had their favorites.

Here I will try to remember few of most fascinating ones.


First dream I want to share with you is about a new Maciunas – BMX/steel art builder – The Black Rider – anti profit avant-gardista a.k.a. Derek Nelson, who does it in such a hard core and authentic way that it cannot not to charm. I liked the simplicity of his ideology  and I love his dedication to the cause. You can read more about him if you like.

So lets keep it simple.

Another very interesting human story was told by amazing documentalist Charlotte Buchen who made a movie about immigrant from Mexico. It is simple story about one of the most important thing in this life – communication/connection and love. Antonio Mendoza now living in Oakland is striving to keep connections to his family back in Mexico. Bicycles he builds himself is the objects he loves and sends to his beloved ones across the border.


It is a pity that I couldn’t find this movie on the internet. No matter the fact I will show you another beautiful little documentary by the same director. It is a story about artist named Terri Saul who paints “impossible childhood fantasies on canvas”. Enjoy!


While browsing through BFF program I see now that there were so many of those dreams worth of sharing.


Next one would be WITH MY OWN TWO WHEELS by Jacob & Issac Seigel-Boettner. This documentary is about “how the bicycle can change the world—one pedal stroke at a time.” Here is a trailer of this beautiful narrative.



Another dream I remember was about bicycle and sewing machine. How they felt in love and the bike cap was born. Directed by Sarah Okrent

Most anticipated program in BFF was Urban Short. Somehow it didn’t stick to me that well. Well, but some pieces I really licked. Notably the one by Richie Thomassen called LOS ANGELOPES. It is not on the internet yet, I suppose, so I’m inviting you to see his other work and you’ll get the spirit.


Beautiful weekend it was! I got so much of bicycle influx that I can rest now. For some little while.

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