Where did bycycle take me

I guess I need to practice my writing skills with much  stronger vigor. Oh OK.

In this life nothing happens fast. Unless you want to forget it quickly – things require some patience and dedication and… repetition or practice.

So where did the king of repetition, professor of dedication a.k.a. guru of relative calm  – bicycle – take me recently?

As always – to various undiscovered and not yet fully explored places.


I am very exited – almost week ago I had my first in a year “weekender” bike tour. Nothing too special, just three days on a bicycle, loaded with some light camping gear. Away from city, away from its heat and noise, away from dust and other pollution. Away from distractions.

So, bicycle, myself and another friend, perhaps even more dedicated to cycling wonder. And the roads surrounded with the extraordinary wealth than only nature is capable to posses. Beautiful colors, beautiful horizons, unimaginable eternity. And the traveler inside of all this. Cycling insider to whom this wealth is so easily accessible. Sharing nature. Receiving travelers.

Cycling in Wisconsin

As you cannot cycle too fast, for not to remember what places you happen to pass, what faces you encountered, what knobs you went through, so I DO remember.

I remember how we left Chicago. It was Sunday morning, streets were almost as empty and clear as the sky above us – so few cars and pedestrians. Probably because of me, we took very relaxing phase. I have slept only four or five hours that night. We were riding around 10 mph. We were stopping quite often. In other words we were enjoying our days off and possibility to ride a bicycle as much as we wanted at the speeds we wanted.

First night we stopped at random but very cosy  spot near bike trail we were riding. Some random couple in a boat treated us with a beer. And here it goes – just give a man a beer! Slowly but surely we realized that this beautiful spot was meant to be our night camping place. We were worried slightly that it could turn out not so welcoming after some ranger will ask us to leave at 11pm. But, well, with the night approaching and the beer penetrating deeper into our veins we dismissed all dangers of civilization and settled our self comfortably.

First camping spot

Nature shared its calming powers and I’ve slept so gooood and deep sleep! Uh! Not even fishermen were able to wake me up at 4am. Thank you Nature!

Next day we took much faster phase and did 60 miles in total, where the first day accounted just relaxed 40.

At the end of the day we reached Kettle Moraine state park in Wisconsin. All Wisconsin is one nice and beautiful place to ride bicycle, it reminded me somewhat of Lithuania. Lots of fields and forests, lots of lakes, lots of little hills, like my friend said – “it is a real Midwest”.

Besides the beauty of Wisconsin nature I remember how unexpectedly and freakishly cold it got in the morning. Was it early 40-ties? Felt like that.

Next day it was a matter of 50 miles ride to Kenosha town, where we took a train back to Chicago.

It was such a pleasant and fulfilling little ride and all weekend. Ill get back my sleeping bag and will be ready for future rides into some new and undiscovered places.


Another place where bike took me, was famous Chicago kite shop on Harlem avenue. The location itself was intriguing as it is almost 40 minutes bike ride from the place I live. West towards suburbs. As well was sunny and uplifted morning. Before that my most western commute in Chicago was marked by California avenue. So getting few miles further was a little exploration itself.

While riding bicycle I was not able to remember exact address of the shop (was too lazy to get off the bike and double check it), but was hoping that I will recognize kite store from some kite flying above it. Apparently I was almost right – kite was not flying but store front has a big kite drawing hanging above it.

Kite shope in Chicago

Inside the store everything is so colorful and bright. Hundreds of kites, some of it hanging from the sealing, some just leaned to the walls. Additionally to the kites you can find various other flying toys. Lets say that main theme is wind and all the things you can play with the wind. Perfect store for this windy city.

Cycling cat

Another character who is worth being mentioned is person who run the shop that Sunday. Sadly I already forgot her name, but this women was Greek origin, very friendly and communicable. Remember  that she said she wants few things from the shop and when she will have some spare money she will do it.

My biggest concern was to find the kite I could fly easy. As I remember once I had two kites, but I couldn’t manage them well and eventually they broke.

With my new kite it was a totally different experience – it flew extremely well and easy. It took just a half an hour to get used to it and after some time I was almost an expert. Ha ha.

Already looking forward to fly that kite again.

So these were two places bicycle took me recently.

Autumn brings another cycling season. Somehow for me best cycling happens during autumn. It is not so hot anymore, the greenery  dights in unimaginable colors that only autumn posses. And I love rain.

Ride safe and I will write you once I’ll have enough autumn on my tires!

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