Still getting inspired

Away from making cycling even more accessible here in Chicago or building various bicycle wheels I do venture into amazing world of traveling.. on the bicycle. Travelling a lot and far. Further than your usual commute takes you. Somewhere where you have not been, where only your dreams can take you. Or your trusted PC.

Best of course when these travels involves your two wheeled silent machine aka bicycle. Tandem maybe? Sure, like this couple from Australia who currently wandering somewhere in Asia. Meet Alleykat on their 

Their website is just one of the sources where you can find a wealth of informations about (tandem) cycling and long distance traveling. I just discovered them and could not resist to share it with you. 

Very interesting for me is their custom tandem frame ordering step by step guide and it got equipped with a belt drivetrain powered by Rohloff Speed hub. 

Another favourite is their entertaining national-geographic-like videos about the countries they happen to bike through. 

Take a look at it yourself!

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