Fat distractions

While always being attracted to the weirdest bicycles I would never think that this would get me into the mountain bicycling.

Although I have my Surly Pugsley framset hanging somewhere in the stable I feel that all this happened too suddenly. Building it takes some time and that is good. This should give me needed time to transition smoothly to this funky underworld of the biking universe.

Get into mountain biking sustainably. Do it slowly. Do not ride a mountain bike. If you can.

Parts are coming from all over the world. While waiting for it to get on my workbench I have plenty of time to dream about riding a fat bike. And here I am watching all the crazy little inspirational prayers people dedicate to this phenomena. Well, I guess there is nothing new as we all tend to make a fetish out of our favorite things from time to time.

Still, I would rather be useful than good looking.

But for now I am patiently waiting for this hub to arrive so I could continue building my other authentic side.

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