Kokopelli Trail: rigid tandem and soft so(u)les. November 2017

Igna and I finally bought ourselves train tickets. Train will take us to Grand Junction, Colorado. From Grand Junction we are going to bike to MOAB, Utah – arguably mecca of the mountain biking. From Grand Junction we going to take Kokopelli Trail all the way to MOAB. I will be doing a series of … Continue reading

Inspiring. Dreaming. Fatbiking in Alaska.

Just stumbled into this visual evidence of misery and glory all together! Oh and please read more details about historical side of this type of bike adventure here. Chapeau!

Fat Bike riding in Chicago

I want to address all fat bike savvy folks in Chicago. I have a fat bike and love riding it. I do even commute daily on it. Now you have a fat bike and you love riding it. Lets connect and go for a ride together. I mean lets go and explore some MTB trails … Continue reading

It is all about Fat Bikes now. For now.

Just found this. Enjoy.

Surly Pugsley rear wheel build pics

I shall make this blog inspiring by posting pictures about the rear wheel built for my Puglsley. I shall share the component specifications for that build: Surley Rabbit Hole 32H silver rim. Shimano Alfine 8spd internal gear hub. Older version – SG-S500. Wheelsmith DB-14 silver spokes. Drive side: 283mm; Non drive side: 280mm; Due to … Continue reading