Kokopelli Trail: rigid tandem and soft so(u)les. November 2017

Igna and I finally bought ourselves train tickets. Train will take us to Grand Junction, Colorado. From Grand Junction we are going to bike to MOAB, Utah – arguably mecca of the mountain biking. From Grand Junction we going to take Kokopelli Trail all the way to MOAB. I will be doing a series of … Continue reading

Mike Burrows relaunches his wonderful book Bicycle Design

His fantastic book Bicycle Design was reissued and here is a little video from it’s launching party.

Jobst Brandt leaves behind memories to last a lifetime

Originally posted on Silicon Valley Cyclist:
Jobst Brandt riding up Gavia Pass, Italy. Made into a poster. Behold the wise Jobst Rider, Whose unfettered mind Sees God in dirt And hears him in the spokes. (Adapted from a quote by Alexander Pope) Jobst Brandt, a cyclist who in so many ways influenced the bicycle industry…

It is all about Fat Bikes now. For now.

Just found this. Enjoy.

when cycling is normal

Cycling is normal. Kind of. That is my reason why I am riding my bicycle. Because it is so normal just to put your hat on, grab the bike, and bring it out all the way down from the third floor. It is hot and humid outside. Early summer morning. Real joy to pedal on … Continue reading