Kokopelli Trail: rigid tandem and soft so(u)les. November 2017

Igna and I finally bought ourselves train tickets. Train will take us to Grand Junction, Colorado. From Grand Junction we are going to bike to MOAB, Utah – arguably mecca of the mountain biking. From Grand Junction we going to take Kokopelli Trail all the way to MOAB. I will be doing a series of … Continue reading

Inspiring. Dreaming. Fatbiking in Alaska.

Just stumbled into this visual evidence of misery and glory all together! Oh and please read more details about historical side of this type of bike adventure here. Chapeau!

Here is a PERFECT explanation why Iceland is on my bucket list.

Sometimes I can not help it  – I have to share stuff. Riding a bicycle in Iceland was always on my bucket list. And here is a PERFECT explanation why: