Fat distractions

While always being attracted to the weirdest bicycles I would never think that this would get me into the mountain bicycling. Although I have my Surly Pugsley framset hanging somewhere in the stable I feel that all this happened too suddenly. Building it takes some time and that is good. This should give me needed … Continue reading

About cycling against the wind and Nr. 7.

It is amazing how often I end up riding in a wind tunnel. Don’t know if this is a specialty of the plains of Chicago or simply a curse of every long distance bicyclista. Seems like both to me. My commute takes around one hour or twelve miles from north to south and vice versa. … Continue reading

Another source for tandem touring inspiration

Or actually for any bike touring. Recently I somehow decided to jump on a tandem again. Once you tried that type of a bike it is difficult to resist the temptation to get back tandeming again. So for now I am contemplating how to have one without spending a fortune.  Will go with some “budget” … Continue reading

So this is how Netherlands evolved in to the cycling heaven

Short video describing how did the Dutch get there

Another Brooks experience. “Organic” B67 Select overview.

Not long time ago, just some 1000 miles ago, I happen to get one saddle. It was manufactured in England from that famous saddle producer – Brooks. Funny thing about that particular saddle is that it happens to be B76 SELECT model. Select stands here for “organic” leather they use, which is taken off from … Continue reading